Moxie chair

Moxie chair


Award-winning design and striking, sculptural form make for a strong statement piece in any interior, at the same time providing a soft and comfortable seat.


Incanto Ampio side table

Incanto Ampio

side table


Rotational moulded plastic. Eight wedges make up a full round table, four fit perfectly agains a wall, two - in a corner. Versatile and attractive.


Australis lounge seat
Incanto Piatto collection

Australis lounge


Inspired by the flowing shape of a leaf of Australian native eucalyptus tree, this lounge looks stylyish and elegant and offers a relaxing and cozy space.


Incanto Piatto



A project aiming at maximising the use of material during production.


Allegro chair


A visually exciting product, easy to produce, and fully flat-packable, with slotted assembly that requires no fixings or adhesives.



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