Molto pendant light

Calm and minimalistic, Molto is a humble yet elegant light that works best in a smaller space, or with a few hung together.

Enzo pendant light

Slightly larger in size and more intricate in its form, Enzo adds a decorative element to a space.

Incanto Piatto lighting



These two lights are part of a furniture collection that was aimed at utilizing materials in the most efficient way possible in order to achieve sustainable production practice.


Both lights are made out of smaller cut-outs from a sheet of 16 mm manufactured board, while the larger parts make up the tables of the Incanto Piatto collection.


Assembly of each light is fun and simple and uses a system of slots, requiring no additional fixings or adhesives.

There is a wide range of colors available for the Incanto Piatto collection, and there is an option for the edges to be black (pictured), if the material is laser-cut, or natural board color with the CNC-cutting.


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